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End of the cruise

June 15, 2011

It is always satisfying to end a cruise well.  This one ran smoothly, we satisfied all of our objectives and collected valuable new data about the Mid-Atlantic Canyons.  As we steam back toward Charleston, SC it is hard to believe we have been gone two weeks.  We have covered over 1700 nautical miles and still have some to go. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank the officers and crew of the NOAA ship Nancy Foster who have helped make this a great cruise.  In addition our science crew deserves praise (see photo below).  They all worked hard, never complained and pitched in where needed.  The efforts of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, lead by Liz Baird, helped us keep the public and our colleagues up to date through this web site.  Aside from the funding agencies and other agencies noted elsewhere, our project is truly large and diverse and includes the following institutions:  Univ. of NC at Wilmington, Oregon Inst. of Marine Biology, Continental Shelf Associates, Inc., Univ.of Rhode Island, US Geological Survey, NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Univ.of  Washington, College of Charleston, Texas A&M Univ., Univ. of Louisiana, Hecker Environmental Consulting, ArtWork, Inc., Rutgers Univ., Netherlands Inst. of Sea Resarch, Bangor Univ., and Louisiana State Univ.  While not all of these participated directly on this cruise, they will be increasingly involved in this project.

The Science Crew (l to r): Steve Ross, Veronica Holton, Sandra Brooke, Megan Prescott, Caitlin Casar, Rod Mather, Danny Brothers (kneeling), Jason Chator



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