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Ahoy mateys! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 20, 2012

September 19th:

Arrrrrr's talk like a pirate day!

Arrrrrrr…..pirates Mike, Megan, Esprit, and Amanda celebrate “Talk like a Pirate Day” in the lab, complete with oranges to prevent scurvy, two parrots, and a treasure map leading to a stash of chocolate somewhere on the ship!

Fortunately for us, a ship is the perfect backdrop for pirate shenanigans. I found these pirates hard at work in the lab with their trusty parrots. The scientific process is really like a grand adventure; you’re always following tales of intrigue and mystery (often recounted by bearded characters), accumulating evidence that points you in the right direction towards paths that lead to what you hope is the discovery of a lifetime.

Preparing the box corer for the first drop

Everyone showed up to help prepare the box corer for the first drop! From the left: Samantha Martin (NOAA Senior Survey Technician), Dr. Amanda Demopoulos, Mike Rhode, Kirstin Meyer, James Hill, Cliff Ferguson (NOAA Able Seaman), and Dr. Steve Viada.

Our scientific adventures on the high seas finally got underway just before 20:00, when the first box-core sampler went down to 195 meters. Exclamations of “Arrrrrrrrr” and “What a beauty” could be heard as the crew celebrated, at long last, the beginnings of our data collection for Leg III aboard the trusty Nancy Foster. Tonight promises to be full of more mud-slinging (hopefully 7 more box cores), waves, and unknown booty from the deep.

Dr. Amanda Demopoulos (Aug. 23rd) and PhD candidate Esprit Heestand Saucier subsample the box core. Along with each sample core from the ocean floor, we also sieve the slurry of muddy water from around the sample (up to 10 centimeters deep).

195m. box core sample (and subsamples)

Esprit and Dr. Amanda are happy to finally be looking at the first 195m. box core sample.

While James and I“pan for gold” (in the form of marine fauna) in this muddy slurry with the sieve and a hose at the sink on the back deck, Dr. Amanda and Esprit are busy processing the core samples in the wet lab. Here they are extruding the booty-ful mud from the box-core sample.

Extruding the box core sample

Esprit and Dr. Amanda extrude one of the subsamples from the box core.

Tomorrow morning, if the weather holds, we’ll begin the day with an ROV dive to the first of our sunken ships.

September 20th

EARLY MORNING UPDATE: Overnight we were able to successfully sample five box cores at three different depths:  195 meters (2), 573m.(2), and 820m (1). Then the team switched to sending down the CTD before calling it a night so we could steam to our dive location for the morning.

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  1. lizbaird permalink
    September 20, 2012 7:43 pm

    Woo Hoo! You get to join the mud crew! Congrats on excellent samples and talk like a pirate day!

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